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Cooperation in Environmental Protection

Cooperation in Environmental Protection

Forums across institutions on prevention of environmental burdens in selected areas of need
By Dr. Norbert Kopytziok
Excerpt from: Kopytziok, Norbert: Waste and sustainable development - Global aspects for regional environmental planning on the basis of material stream related processing observations. (Abfall und nachhaltige Entwicklung. Globale Aspekte für die regionale Umweltplanung auf der Grundlage stoffstrombezogener Prozessbeobachtungen.) Rhombos-Publ., Berlin 2000

In the closing document of the world environment conference in Rio de Janeiro 1992, it was established in the Agenda 21 that an ecological waste disposal must take precedence over simple waste disposal or removal. Modern waste management should attempt to change environmentally burdensome production and consumption patterns in order to attack the problem at its roots.
This goal is being pursued within the framework of an ecologically oriented waste management. In the forground of this is the expectation that the prevention of waste will reduce environmental burdens along the entire line of production. This material stream related approach requires cooperation across several fields between various institutions and other participants. It then offers the best opportunities for an effective, preventive environmental relief to impartially achieve its goal.