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Environmental Planning

Waste: an information source for environmental planning
By Dr. Norbert Kopytziok
From: UVP-report 2/2000, p. 105 - 108

Classical environmental planning sees waste as a mixture, for the disposal of which a technical infrastructure and various treatment systems are necessary. It considers the spatial impact and the control possibilities in planning. There are new opportunities in getting rid of the idea that one has to do everything possible with or to waste, e.g. separating or recycling. Rather should waste be looked at as a product rich in experience.
Waste is an unwanted or used product which has gone through numerous individual processes. Within waste there is the history of origins which is both controlled and accompanied by humans. It is made of raw materials and energy, which require production, completion and transportation. With the help of Lifecycle-Analyses (LCA) the essential substance and material streams are identified. They form an evaluation basis for ecological, economic and social impacts. It is noted through examples (construction and municipal wastes) that waste is ideal as a source of information for regional environmental planning, which must be considered in its global aspects.

Position paper:

Infrastructure systems in qualified future urban planning

The technical infrastructure systems in cities are outdated in many respects and not adapted to the sustainable needs of the inhabitants. Urban planning which strives to a future oriented urban development must also take into account the adjustment of the infrastructure systems.

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