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Specialist papers:

Waste Prevention
Waste Recycling
Material Streams Management
Environmental Management
Ecological Balance
Product Construction
Environmental Planning
Sustainable Development
Cooperation in Environmental Protection

Ecological Balancing
Ecobalances and the search for a standard
By Dr. Norbert Kopytziok
Extract from: Kopytziok, Norbert: Waste and sustainable development. Global aspects for regional environmental planning on the basis of material stream related processing observations. (Abfall und nachhaltige Entwicklung. Globale Aspekte für die regionale Umweltplanung auf der Grundlage stoffstrombezogener Prozessbeobachtungen.), Berlin 2000

In the following paper the instruments are introduced which are relevant for the evaluation of sustainability effects. Evaluation systems, with whose help certain situations can be estimated, have established themselves in social interpersonal processes, as well as in political and professional situations.
For the evaluation of developments and trends, evaluative measuring instruments are also necessary in environmental planning. For an effective environmental planning aimed at sustainability, the economic and social aspects are to be considered along with the ecological.