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Waste Recycling

Critical Analysis of Waste Recycling

by Dr. Norbert Kopytziok
Extract from: Kopytziok, Norbert: Subject Waste: Prevention of ecological burdens. Published at RHOMBOS. The ecological effect of prevention and recycling of municipal waste. Rhombos Publishers, Berlin 1995; 2nd edition Berlin 2001

In 1991 waste recycling marked the largest population participation to date involved in a waste management action for protection of the environment with the introduction of the Dual System Germany (DSD). The eagerness in collecting has hardly been dampened even by the frequent, negative reports in the media. This can also be seen as a sign that the population is highly motivated to cooperate in steps to protect the environment. But what if the doubts expressed are justified? If waste management does not lead to a lesser burden on the environment, or if it even effects a further deterioration of the environmental situation? We should then conclude that in such a case, a long-term drop in consumer behavior, mistrust and demotivation would occur.

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